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Thoughts... and ZOMBIES

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 6:41 PM
Free Premium Membership? Free SKINS? FREE ZOMBIE SKINS? Hell yeah! Thank you, DeviantArt! I am totally going ape-crazy right now.

Pretty much... this whole journal entry was created just to flaunt my new skin, where you can install here:
The creator of this is totally awesome; no wonder this is the most popular skin. I was half-tempted to go Potter-fy my Journal at first... but my unconditional love for the undead won out.

So... to be honest, other than the whole skin-thing, there isn't much to report. Stormy's life is currently very, very dull and full of thoughts that shouldn't be thought. My mentality is a fickle one; whenever things are good, I have to think of bad things. And when things are bad, I think of even worse things. And when I'm high on sugar... that's when I write horror.
On a more serious note, I've been having a lot on my mind lately. Nothing big or life-changing... just ramblings. I've come to the conclusion that while I claim to be some happy-go-lucky romanticist (did I spell that right? I can't see straight; stupid, dirty glasses), I really do not have... happy-go-lucky thoughts. I'm scared; scared of the future. My mind has been full to the brim with what ifs and what nots, and I find myself frightened by the prospet of tomorrow. I'm scared of growing up. Maybe that's part of growing up. Maybe I'm just deprived of sugar right now. Maybe I just need to step away from the computer. Maybe I should just relax and do as some nifty sign in the catalogue told me: "Tomorrow is tomorrow, the past is the past, but today is a gift-that's why it's called a 'present.'" Eh... I'm thinking too much.

Now with that totally random rant-thingy over with, I'm going to say something real quick: I AM A HYPOCRITE. And a jerk.
Here I go bashing crappy, n00b RPers all the time since I am a self-proclaimed 'veteran' when I made all the mistakes they did back in the day (wow... I sound old). I found some old character sheets I filled out when I first joined the forums (I have most of my characters saved on Word documents).Now I want to run head-first into a wall; was I really that... that... that stupid? Seriously? '17 and graduated high school and college?' 'Slim but curvy' bodies? 'Outgoing, but kind-of sky (YES; I mades typos)?' WHAT THE HECK WAS WRONG WITH ME?

*deep breath*

Ooookay... moving on from that.

To those who I promised commissions to: don't worry; I didn't forget. Just been busy with some stuff. I'm hoping to get 'em done this weekend.

I think that about wraps up this obnoxiously long journal entry. Expect more in the-wait, you know what? I am not even going to think about tomorrow. I'm going to think about now... and how I want to make another entry.

  • Listening to: The Plagues
  • Reading: City of Glass; 3rd in the Mortal Instruments
  • Watching: Not answering this.
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
  • Eating: NOTHING.
  • Drinking: Water.



Artist | Literature
United States
Well, in short I'm a not-so-normal teenager living in a waaaaaaay too boring world. Or physically I reside in said world; my mentality is often in a dimension of flying whales, purple skies, and demonic powers.
I am a Grammar Nazi, mediocre video game geek, and an 'aspiring' author with a penchant for doodling in her notebook. Oh! On a note of finality: I have an obsession with crowbars. You are thoroughly warned.

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